MAGNETOTHERM team assure you with quality Induction Heating Equipment and Induction services for metal processing industry for various applications like heat treating, forging, sealing, annealing, hardening, sintering, Laboratory research application, metallurgy industry and tool brazing to shape to final product using Induction Heating Solution.

We are engaging in all type of Research and Insight to meet the future technological needs with challenging design for any new requirement across the boundaries posted by our customer.

Review our online catalogue of our Induction Heating Technology using high speed semiconductor device .We are Premier Manufacturer for Medium Frequency, High Frequency Induction Heating System and Induction Furnace to solve all Induction Heating challenges, because of the unsurpassed after sales service.

MAGNETOTHERM is the OEM for Induction Heating Machine Manufacturing, Induction Heating coil design and manufacturing with in-house facility inbuilt. MAGNETOTHERM focus on serving the metal and material manufacturing industry in achieving regular production target by Timely Delivery and service.

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If you need any help, whether with new parts to be heat treated or any technical query and guidance for preventive maintenance on Induction Heating Machine and work coil contact for our experts advice. Designing of new Induction coil as per requirement with highly efficient coupling between components to be heated.

Our Magnetotherm Service expert’s team having hands on experience on various Induction Heating Application and requirement with fully equipped measurement system and spares availability for ease trouble shooting and installation. We design and support for all kind of Induction Heating Equipment and Induction coil considering the customer requirement and satisfaction.

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