About Us

about us

MAGNETOTHERM is an Induction Heating Machine Manufacturing Company for all application of Metal Processing Industry around the Global. The Company was started in 2009 with flag ship of the company maintained high with Quality Product, Timely Delivery of Service as required by the client. The Company is headquartered its sales office in Bengalore, India and has branch office in 2 major cities across India with employee of near to 30+ Professionals.

MAGNETOTHERM Company incorporated in the year 2009 with handsome experience on Medium Frequency Induction Heating System and High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment with manufacturing capability of 1kW to 100kW with operating frequency of several Hundred Frequencies with high Power semiconductor device.

MAGNETOTHERM offers a partnership approach with customer to capture customer requirement and design Induction Heating System considering the feasibility of part design, through Induction Heating Machine design, Manufacturing, Installation and Servicing.

MAGNETOTHERM has a well established history of designing Induction Heating Equipment, Induction Heating Coil for all Induction Heating Application in various Industry Aerospace, Medical, Automobile Industry, Construction, Hand tools, Rail Road, Metal Research, Defence Industry, Electronics and other Engineering Industry.

With Growing Industrial requirement on system standard MAGNETOTHERM manufacture induction heating Machine considering compliance to ensure environment and surroundings to keep safe.


The Company has incorporated and started building technological product, since 2009 by providing Best-in- Class Products and Services to the Global Industry market based on time to time application requirement.



Our focus has been exceed meeting all aspects our customer specification / requirement with ON-Time Delivery on our commitment and after sales Service.

We uphold to the highest standard of Ethical values towards the business practice around the globe and toward the business shareholder/promoter.

We believe our mission will be achieved with continuous process improvement.

Quality Policy

MAGNETOTHERM provide products and unsurpassed service that together deliver premium value to our customer. We also uphold highest standard of Integrity in all our procedure to customers and share holders

We also ensure that accountability is been held for any activity for delivering on commitments