Main Objective of Magnetotherm service is to maximise production with less down time by providing appropriate training to the end user on basic awareness on Induction Heating System for the equipment supplied.

We provide 24×7 Technical support on Induction Heating Equipment.

Industrial high frequency induction coil

Industrial High Frequency Induction Coil, Busbars and Transformer Windings:

Whether you are customer or competitor, we understand that we have In-house facility on high voltage coating of Transformer with specially Engineered for Induction Heating Application which can withstand high temperature.

Magnetotherm Offers best of service with less down time for all Induction Heating Equipment as well for the Induction coil. We have our expert team over in India for better service and Technical Support.

Busbars and Transformer Windings

Tech Support and Design:

If you need any help, whether with new parts to be heat treated or any technical query and guidance for preventive maintenance on Induction Heating Machine and work coil contact for our experts advice.

Designing of new Induction coil as per requirement with highly efficient coupling between components to be heated.

Our MAGNETOTHERM Service expert's team having hands on experience on various Induction Heating Application and requirement with fully equipped measurement system and spares availability for ease trouble shooting and installation.

We design and support for all kind of Induction Heating Equipment and Induction coil considering the customer requirement and satisfaction.

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