Induction Annealing

Magnetotherm Induction Annealing solution where material/metal is heated to a elevated temperature of an elevated temperature and slowly cooled.

By Induction Annealing process where the material property gets changed such as strength of the material and hardness of the material. Many progressive applications need a closely maintained temperature for longer period of Time and one of the best examples will be annealing of wire and strip.

Annealing is a part are heat treatments where natural cooling take place , that can relax some of the residual stresses from quenching and even produce a new metal transformation (total or partial recrystallization) to obtain the best compromise between metal characteristics.

MAGNETOTHERM Induction annealing has many benefits. The heat is generated directly in the material, leading to high efficiency and low energy costs. It is also a fast and controllable process, which will improve your throughput. And the heat is very accurate‐crucial to meet today's stringent quality standards.