What is induction heating?

INDUCTION HEATING is the in-direct process of heating Metal/Material with the principle of Electromagnetic Induction. In Induction heating process where material is heated to the required temperature without changing the physical property of the material.

Induction heating is applicable only for the conductive Material, when placed in a varying Electromagnetic Field. Any change in the electromagnetic field with respect to Power, Frequency and skin effect, which induces the current at both surface and the core, to have appropriate losses in a material which heats the component. Compared to any other methodology of heating a material, Induction Heating is one of the unique and the most efficient method of heating the material with very less dwell time and accurate heating.

Over the past three decades, induction heating has become an increasingly preferable choice for heating metals prior to warm and hot working. This tendency continues to grow at an increasing pace due to an ability of induction heating to create high heat intensity quickly and not just at the surface of the work piece but within its internal areas as well, leading to low process cycle time (high productivity) with repeatable high quality while using a minimum of shop floor space.

The high-power densities of induction heating provide several benefits over other heating techniques. This makes induction the overwhelmingly preferred solution in an increasing number of industries, including in the most high-end and cutting-edge sectors.

Magnetotherm Induction Heating System uses Solid State Technology which make our system more stable and cost effective for all kind of application like Induction Tempering, Induction Annealing , Induction Brazing, Induction Forging , Induction Welding, Induction Shrink Fitting, Induction Bonding , Induction Hardening, Induction Sintering and Induction Cap Sealing.

Finally, Induction heating is more energy efficient and inherently environmentally friendlier than most other heat sources (it is free from CO2 emission). A considerable reduction of heat exposure also contributes to the environmental friendliness.

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