With the increasing demand in medical domain, pharma/medicine industry advancement either for heating the metal to shape it as final product. With this Magnetotherm induction heating system the metal parts are sealed or heated in a controlled atmosphere there by sealing it inside a airtight container. The complete process demand for an automation which increases the production capability and reduced man power handling.

Advantage of Induction cap sealing over the manual sealing methodology is precise quality of sealing, consistency in the process in sealing /repeatability, faster sealing are some of the major key factor for the choosing Induction heating for various cap sealing application. Sterilization of surgical medical instruments is also done through Magnetotherm Induction Heating system.

  • Bonding of metal to plastic surface or Plastic to Plastic with metal(AL)
  • Metal bonding of Capsules/Tablet bottles
  • For Cancer treatment in medicine industry

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