Induction Coating and Fusing is mostly used for any metal surface/metal bar and the metal to metal joining respectively. Induction coating are used for powder coated metal or paint surface which is the protecting coating in paints and coating nomenclature. This is widely used in fusion bonded epoxy is the resin cross linking and the application methodology which is different from conventional coating/paint.

Magnetotherm based induction coating and fusion where coated Epoxy bonding is used where the resin and hardener component which remains unreacted at normal storage conditions. In this method induction heating is used to heating the powdered surface which melt and transform the same to liquid form. Where the liquid flows inside the metal surface and form a solid coating by cross linking of polymer. After the above process the material will be subjected to natural cooling where the metal is the deposited with Epoxy coating.

Induction based fusion methodology is also used for joining two metal joints with the help of two part epoxy adhesive with resin and filler bonding and adhered over the metal surface where the metal is heated at the joint where the epoxy react together to assure proper bonding between metal surface.

The process is usually carried out at a temperature of 180°C to 350°C where the binding of material over the metal surface. The below are some of the metal fittings which can be fused by Magnetotherm based Induction heating are Straight joints, Tee joint, Elbow joint and Bends of any different dimension.

Benefits and features of Magnetotherm based Induction Coating and Fusing :

  • Uniform coating and fusion can be achieved.
  • Consistency in heating.
  • Faster methodology for Coating and fusion.
  • Highest safety integrated within system.
  • Integrated electronics with system.
  • Application suited design which enable maximum throughout.
  • Better heat management design which enable machine operation for 24/7.
  • Reduction in wastage of Coating and Fusion material.

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