Induction Hardening is one of the most common methods which are widely used for heating any metal/material to increase the tensile strength of the metal surface. Based on the application and the process of material heated, Induction Hardening is categorised :

  • Case/Surface Hardening
  • Internal Hardening

In this method of heating where metal is heated and rapidly cooled /quenched either with coolant such as oil/water. Magnetotherm offer Induction hardening machine which is clean, safe and typically which leaves only a small footprint after hardening. As Magnetotherm we supplied machines for induction Hardening ranges from 5kW to several hundred kW and a frequency range from 20kHz to 150kHz based on various application requirement.

Case/Surface Hardening

SURFACE HARDENING, a process that includes a wide variety of techniques used to improve the wear resistance of parts without affecting the softer, tough interior of the part. This combination of hard surface and resistance to breakage upon impact is useful in parts such as a cam or ring gear, bearings or shafts, turbine applications, and automotive components that must have a very hard surface to resist wear, along with a tough interior to resist the impact that occurs during operation. Magnetotherm offer Induction Hardening Machine which is used for most surface treatments result in compressive residual stresses at the surface that reduce the probability of crack initiation and help arrest crack propagation at the case-core interface.

Internal Hardening

Internal Hardening is a process of Heat Treatment in which metal is heated and quenched immediately either with water or with coolant such as oil. Magnetotherm provide solution with induction heating equipment for all Induction Hardening application. Benefits and features of Magnetotherm based Induction Hardening System :

  • Highest system integrated Electronics.
  • Improved highest dv/dt protections
  • Better system efficiency at varying load condition
  • Precise heating control.
  • Automated process control design.
  • Better heat Management design which enable Machine operation for 24/7.
  • Application suited design which enable maximum throughout.
  • Integrated electronics with system.
  • Improved noise immunity.
  • Faster heating and reduced cycle time.
  • Greater flexibility for user control.
  • Better fault management for easier trouble shooting’s.
  • Widest operating ambient temperature ranging from -10oC to +85oC.

Highly flexible user interface integrated system with closed loop control system and system electronics.

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