Magnetotherm offers Induction Tempering Machine in all Automobile Industry for hardening Components. In Tempering Technique of heating the components and quenching process to get desired Hardness. Lowering the Tempering Temperature is a heat treatment technique usually performed after hardening to relive stress in the material and the temperature of heating depends majorly on hardness required for a component by decreasing brittleness.

Higher the Tempering Temperature reduces the hardness and increases the elasticity in the components and mostly used in spring manufacturing Industry and automobile Industry. Tempering provides a way to carefully decrease the hardness of the steel, thereby increasing the toughness to a more desirable point.

Tempering process time vary, depending on the carbon content, size, and desired application of the steel, but typically range from a few minutes. The result is a component with increased toughness, ductility and impact strength.

Benefits and features of Magnetotherm based Induction Tempering Machine :

  • Highest system integrated Electronics.
  • Improved highest dv/dt protections
  • Better system efficiency at varying load condition
  • Precise heating control.
  • Automated process control design.
  • Better heat Management design which enable Machine operation for 24/7.
  • Application suited design which enable maximum throughout.
  • Integrated electronics with system.
  • Improved noise immunity.
  • Faster heating and reduced cycle time.
  • Greater flexibility for user control.
  • Better fault management for easier trouble shooting’s.
  • Widest operating ambient temperature ranging from -10°C to +85°C.

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