In Induction Shrink Fitting, where two concentric parts by using heat where one of the part is heated to widen, so that the other part is pressed in when the material is hot and the material is fitted when it cools down. The process can also be reversed where the metal is heated to remove the shrink fitted parts.

The dimension response of the metal is used efficiently for shrink fitting application for two asymmetric components with small variation with dimension in terms of micron. The coil design for shrink fitting application is typically a design strategy with application requirement and component dimensioning.

In shrink fitting application the power delivery for component heating vary from few kilowatt to several hundred megawatt based on component dimensioning with respect to frequency. Power consumption and heating duration is mainly dependent on weight of the component, duration of heating, cycle time required.

In any Magnetotherm Induction heating system, but in shrink fit application ensures maximum uniform heat transfer around the component with low power concentration without changing the component characteristics parameter. Controlled temperature on heated component is more important which will straight forward impact on shrink fitting process. Magnetotherm Induction based shrink fitting provides end to end solution with precise temperature control.

Benefits and features of Magnetotherm based induction shrink fitting :

  • Better system efficiency at varying load condition
  • Uniform heating over material.
  • Precise heat monitoring and control.
  • Automated process control design.
  • Better heat Management design which enable Machine operation for 24/7.
  • Application suited design which enable maximum throughout.
  • Integrated electronics with system.
  • Improved noise immunity.
  • Faster heating and reduced cycle time.
  • Highest safety integrated within system.
  • Widest operating ambient temperature ranging from -10oC to +85oC.

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