MAGNETOTHERM Induction Work Coil plays the most important factors for deciding the maximum power transfer from the Induction Heating Machine to the Part which has to be heated. Magnetotherm uses an appropriate work coil for a part dimension of the job decides the heating duration, power transfer and efficiency of an Induction Heating Machine.

We as Magnetotherm have categorised work coil based on the magnetic flux generated:

  • Longitudinal Flux
  • Transverse Flux

Longitudinal Flux

When the part is moving through the inductor and the current is distributed on its surface of the metal. In Longitudinal flux the direction of the magnetic field runs parallel to direction stationery component.

Transverse Flux

When the part is on the surface/top of the Inductor and the current is distributed perpendicular to the center of the conductor or the metal. In Transverse flux the direction of Magnetic field will be perpendicular to the direction of the metal to be heated.

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