Induction based Cap Sealing is one of the non-contact heating process. In Induction Cap Sealing where Aluminium foil bonding happens between two dissimilar materials either it may be glass Sealed with Aluminium foil, Plastic sealed with Aluminium foil, Plastic sealed with carbon block with intermediate Aluminium foil as a heat transfer media for melting adhesive. Induction cap Sealing is the most appropriate method of sealing plastic with any material.

All hermetically sealed cap, below which the Aluminum foil is heated when passed under the high frequency Induction Heating coil, which generate varying electromagnetic field to have proper sealing. The Aluminium foil transfers the heat to the adhesive compound which melts and gets bonded with the material which has to be sealed.

Magnetotherm Induction Heating Equipment which operates in frequency range of 30 kHz to several hundred kilo Hertz which is widely preferred for cap sealing application for various industry like Food Industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Dairy Industry , Automobile Filters, Automotive Lubricant oil and many more. Advantage of Induction cap sealing over the manual sealing methodology is precise quality of sealing, consistency in the process in sealing/repeatability, faster sealing are some of the major key factor for the choosing Induction heating for various cap sealing application.

Magnetotherm based induction sealing is used for sealing material, which avoid external factor of influence like increasing the life of the product against foreign particle. Benefits and features of Magnetotherm based Induction cap sealing:

  • Closed Temperature control and monitoring.
  • Precise localized heating
  • Non-contact heating process
  • Improved system efficiency with low power consumption
  • Faster heating cycle
  • Lower system maintenance ⛑
  • Better heat Management design which enable Machine operation for 24/7.
  • Repetition on heating process.
  • Robust Operating ambient temperature ranging from -10oC to +85oC.

Highly flexible user interface integrated system with closed loop control system and system electronics.

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